What better way to kick start this section that to share my own testimonial? My story may not be as inspiring or impactful as my fellow Teviron users who suffer from more serious health issues but it is my story 🙂

Well, I am a relatively healthy person. I hardly see the doctor for more than once a year. I haven’t taken any medical leave for the past year (lucky employer). No eczema, no high blood pressure, no pains, no health problem.

So why did I even use these negative ions clothings? I’m sold by all the testimonials I’ve seen and heard. I’m sold by the wonderful business model. And most importantly, I have to try it, be convinced before I introduce them to my family and friends. Agree?

I guess if I think long and hard, I do have some issues or rather inconveniences which I got so used to that I no longer view them as a problem. Let’s see, menstrual cramps? Nothing serious, just have to pop 8 pills a day or suffer in pain when the time comes. Familiar?

Next, sinus. Nothing serious, just have to blow my nose every morning, sometimes afternoon or as and when my nose decided to become a spoilt running tap. Now you follow me?

And, if I do not have enough sleep the day before, I will suffer from uncomfortable body aches. Nothing health threatening, just have enough rest the next day and the aches will be gone. But my performance will be affected. Do you also have these situational body pains & aches?

As you can see, nothing serious. Just some inconveniences.

When I first tried the sample blanket/bedsheet set that came with the membership kit, my pain of the month reduced.

After using the full set for 2 weeks, my sinus is gone. I only realised when I stopped transporting toilet paper to office. Yes, I use so much tissue that I decided to use toilet paper instead. Sounds familiar?

After using the full set for a month, my menstrual pain is gone. I even took the cold drink test to double-confirm. Nice right?

I’ve been sleeping only an average of 4 hours for the past 2 weeks and I do not suffer from uncomfortable body aches like before. Ok, it’s not nice to treat our body like that but duty calls. Great to finally get a good rest this weekend but it was great that my work is not affected, isn’t it.

After these ‘tests’, I’m more than convinced that Teviron helps. Interested to learn more, for yourself or your love ones? Contact us to learn more.

Here’re more testimonials from folks who have benefited from these negative ions products.

If the products are not good, the company wouldn’t be around for so long. If the products are not good, there wouldn’t be so many testimonials. Right? 😉

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