The Eye and Adnexa Disease- high eye pressure, anemia, diarrhea, flatus, poor digestion, menopausal syndrome

Testimonial provided by Ling Li Qing

I used to work in a pharmacy in Taipei for fifteen years, and taught English in a cram school at nights. Because I was born with anemia, my blood circulation was poor which caused me a low resistance. I got colds, fevers and sore throat frequently, taking antibiotics too long killed both good and bad bacteria in my stomach. In this case, I had diarrhea, flatus, and poor digestion, caused by the lack of nutrition, which made my anemia even worse. My hemoglobin level was around 7.45gm ldl, sometimes even lower! I was tired every day. As time went by, I finally came across to my menopausal syndrome, insomnia, palpitation and the sudden heat exhausted me. I needed to get help from psychiatrist, couldn’t sleep well even though

I had already taken sleeping pills. I was so depressed that I had the idea of ending my life. Due to my great depression, the doctor gave me Erispan0.25mg TAB, I wasn’t sure if I could rely on medication for the rest of my life. And then that’s when my student Bao Ling suggested me the negative ions products. After a month I started using the products, something amazing happened! Those gloomy emotions had all gone, I feel happier and happier each day! Wearing Teviron had improved my sleeping quality, blood urine, and all the stomach upsets, now I can eat in restaurants  whenever I want! In addition, I used to suffer from high eye pressure, applying Bunolgan Liquifilm  sterile ophthalmic  Solution0.5%  w/v days and nights, but the effects  was really  limited.  But since I used the Teviron products, I stopped applying the  eye  dr ops,  and  the  consequent  check up afterwards showed that the pressure had decreased to 15-16mmHg! Isn’t it amazing? All I can say is thank you so much!

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