Syndrome Disease – stiff shoulder and back aches, sleeping disorder and skin allergy, Incontinengy, osteoporosis and insomnia

Testimonial provided by Tan Li Hui

I was in the traditional business for more than 20years ago. In the mid of year 2004, my brother from USA introduced Terviron product to me and had encouraged me to venture into this business. However, I turned him down for i do not accept direct sales. But he was generous to have bought each n every one of us in the family a set of under garments.

I have been suffering from severe stiff shoulder and back aches, sleeping disorder and skin allergy problem on my neck and face. I started to use this ‘free’ undergarment in Oct 2004. Immediately, I started to slept well. my back aches reduced and my rough skin texture had disappeared in two weeks’ time.

My mum was a patient suffering from depression for 3yrs and depended on medication which had affected her alertness greatly. She suffered from irregular heartbeats, numbness in half of her body, incontinengy, osteoporosis and insomnia. After using this product, her body system showed great improvements. She is now a happy, healthy lady with rosy cheeks.

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