Skin Disease – Tinea, High Index of Liver

Testimonial provided by Zhang Yu Huan

I want to thank my benefactor AM Yu Mei for giving me a chance to join Chen Shan Mei success team.

This magical fabric called Teviron has changed my life! Back six years ago, I suffered from tinea because of the gallstone surgery I had.

My skin was peeling from head to toe. My hands and feet were dry. My skin was inflamed and itching.

I had been seeing doctors for years, but instead of getting well, my liver was damaged because of too much medication.

For normal people the index of liver should be 40, I was high up to 365. I though that life was no longer interesting since not only my skin had problems but also because of my damaged liver.

Until Yu Mei came to me, she is like the light of my life. She told me that wearing Teviron negative ions clothes didn’t have any side effects.

It could activate cells, clean the blood, strengthen resistance, and improve dysautonomia. I knew that she wouldn’t lie to me, so I bought the whole set product right way.

After six months, my skin wasn’t inflamed, itching or dry anymore, I thought if it could make my liver function again, I will believe in this magical fabric.

Amazingly, the check up showed that my liver went down to 46, which was really close to normal level.

Now I really do believe in this magical fabric which can help me to embrace a healthier and happier life.

I would like to thank Bao Yin, AGM Xiu Xiang and all the other partner’s supports! Without them, I wouldn’t have a brand new life like now!

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