Skin Disease – Skin Desquamation, Itches & Hypertension

Testimonial provided by Shen Feng You

I am 72 years old this year. As I grow older, my physical condition became worse than before. My skin had serious desquamation and itches, and I suffered the pain day and night.

The skin of my entire body festered and bled, and it was so itchy and painful. Doctors couldn’t help me, and my blood pressure also rose to 220 mm Hg. I was in constant worries at that time.

Fortunately, in a wedding of one of my relatives, I met my nephew, Lu Suan. He heard about my situation and talked to Yue Li, the senior area manager after he returned home.

At the same night, he phoned me and invited me to go to his presentation in Yang Mei Pu Shin to hear about a high-tech product: negative ions health suit, which would benefit my body greatly.

When I arrived there, the area general manager and other people were concerned with my problems, and they asked me to use the products right away.

I bought home the entire series on the same day. On the second day I used it, I had no itches at night, and I could sleep through the entire night.

It’s now been 56 days, and I have improved greatly by 80%. My blood pressure is also more stable than before.

I need to thank Yue Li for introducing me Teviron products that gave me a new life. I also need to thank Nefful and the people who invented this fiber.

It’s truly a great contribution to the mankind.

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