Skin Disease – Nettle Rash, High Blood Pressure, Insomnia

Testimonial provided by Lai Wu Mei Ying

I’ve known my neighbor Mei Ju for more than ten years, and I known that she has been selling negative ion clothing for six years.

She mentioned her business every time we met, but I just didn’t think that clothes could bring you health.

Not until a serious car accident happened to my husband in May this year, did I decide to give it a try.

He was seriously injured, he couldn’t walk like before, plus the high blood pressure that he had always suffered from caused him insomnia.

I started with a blanket. The next morning, he told that even the blanket looked thick and heavy, but it was really warm and comfortable. He used to get up three to four times in the middle of the night, but it only happened twice.

I was so happy to hear that so I ordered mattress and underwear right away to ensure that he would be surrounded by negative ions.

We’ve been using the products for three months now, my husband’s sleeping quality got improved a lot, and his high blood pressure decreased from 160-170 to normal level.

Surprisingly, Teviron not only eased his pains but also improved my nettle rash, which I had for thirty years.

50% of rashes got better after only a week I started using it, then it healed 80% after three months. I’ll be patient and keep using the products.

I would never imagine that human can be healthy just by wearing clothes, which is a lot better than taking medicine.

I’m a big fan of Teviron and I believe I’ll love it for the rest of my life.

I would like to share such a great products to all the human beings in the world.

Wish all of you are healthy and happy.

Know someone who’s suffering from similar symptoms? Contact us to find out how a change of wardrobe will transform their health, without pills or liver damage.

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