Skin Disease – Chronic Eczema, Gastroenteritis, Diabetes, Back Pain, Autonomous Nervous System Disorder, Bad Quality of Sleep, Impulsivity

Testimonial provided by Gjiao Fang Lin

In this May, my son started having measles again, and I remembered what a painful experience it was for him last summer.

Last year, my son’s entire body was covered in coarse and dense measles. It was extremely itchy, and he kept scratching himself throughout the day until it bleeds.

The doctor could only give him oral and external medication for relief, but the problem couldn’t be cured. We painfully went through the entire summer.

So when I again saw my son having measles this May, I suddenly remembered that my classmate, Ching Jun, had told me about Teviron’s health suit, and I talked to him right away and immediately decided to buy the suit for my son.

Amazingly, my son’s measles disappeared a week later, and his skin condition became better than before (because my son has inherited my husband’s troubling skin condition of chronic eczema).

My husband then started using Teviron products, and he also showed improvement. Myself, who also hungers for health, started using them.

I had some trouble when giving birth to my child, not to mention also the gallbladder stone I had five years ago.

The surgery of removing it caused a change in my physique, and along with the surgery’s aftereffects, busy schedule, and stress, my digestive system was weakened. I would frequently have painful gastroenteritis.

Each time I go to the doctor, he would say it’s the problem with my physique, and the only thing he could do is to give me medication. Then the doctor gradually found out my liver and kidneys were showing symptoms of calcification.

So, I lost my health due to my busy and stressful lifestyle and subsequently, I lost my job too (autonomous nervous system disorder, bad quality of sleep, impulsivity).

At the beginning of this June, I started using more and more Teviron products, and now, I’ve regained my health.

I’ve also joined this business that helps people as well as helping myself to grow. Because of Teviron products, my dad’s diabetes was improved (reduced level of blood sugar) as well as my mom’s back pain.

I have to thank Nefful Taiwan’s Chen-Shan-Mei system for all this. I thank all the magnificent leaders, area general managers, the encouragement from my direct area general manager, Li Chong, and the guidance of my up-line, Ching Jun.

I thank all the partners’ care and assistance. A thousand words will not as good as a simple “thanks,” I wish all people in the world could use Teviron products.

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