Nervous System Disease – Migraine, Insomnia, High Blood Pressure & Injured Wrist

Testimonial provided by Yi Tseng Wu

My husband had suffered from migraines, insomnia, and high pressure for 10 years. Headaches could be bad and occur as often as 5 days a week then.

Medical treatments were getting a little out of control. Therefore, I decided to give negative ions products a try.

A week later, headaches still persisted. However, his persistence in applying to the garments lessened the diseases in 2 more months.

No more headaches! Insomnia improved!

My sister hurt her wrists by carrying heavy objects. On our recommendation, symptoms improved through use of these health products.

We now have no doubt about the negative ions health products and believe they will keep us healthy forever.

Know someone who’s suffering from similar symptoms? Contact us to find out how a change of wardrobe will transform their health, without pills or liver damage.

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