Mental Disease – Depression, Insomnia & Chemotherapy Sequelae

Testimonial provided by Rui Wen Tsao

Five years ago, a painful marriage led to my depression. Every single day I had nightmare and even thought about ending this miserable life, but for my daughter, I struggled and tried to survive.

In order to keep my daily life on a proper course, I went to see a psychiatrist. Taking antidepressants can make me fall asleep in a couple of minutes, but I easily woke up with a start late at night.

This continued for about two years, and one day I got to know the negative ions products by chance.

After using them for about one year, I had lesser nightmares and slept better than before, becoming more energetic and stopping taking any medicine.

Now, amazingly, I no longer suffer from depression!

In the end of August last year, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer out of the blue. Everyone in the family was so shocked as to believe this is true.

The chemotherapy was necessary; however, considering my 68-yearold mother’s advanced age and her problem of myocardial infarction, we decided to try the negative ions products, the whole set of negative ions products.

Having seen so many miraculously successful cases, we firmly believe our mother would make it as well.

In the beginning of the chemotherapy, the doctors usually prescribed antiemetic so that the patients would have some appetite.

Nevertheless, Mother did not need any medicaments after having chemotherapy ten times. Always having a good appetite, the hair loss not being serious and the WBC index showing normal.

She even went hiking with the neighbors.

The cancer index before chemotherapy read 6.4 on September 7, while only 2 on November 30.

All I can say is that Mother’s health is truly the children’s good fortune!

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