Digestive System Disease – Duodenal Ulcer, Gastritis, Gallstone, Liver Complications, Spinal Problem, Always Cold, Backflow Mucus, Asthma & Sore Back

Testimonial provided by Li Sui Shun

It’s logical to be suspicious. However it would also be such a pity to jump to conclusions without proof. Never let good chances pass by. Always make judgments after suspect, understand, and prove.

That’s the thinking I used towards using the negative ions clothing, which are truly the most amazing healthy wear I’ve ever experienced.

For most people, going to the doctors and taking medicine are the means of curing sickness. I had never heard of any clothes that can improve your health, so I doubted the effect of the products a lot in the beginning.

A deep thought after I attended the Business Opportunity Seminar 3 times, listened to a couple of testimony and read some references, I made up my mind to try these magical products.

I would like to give my thanks to my upline Ms. Zhang Qiu Hui who introduced the products to me, AGM Gui Hua family’s encourage, care and assistance, and of course a series of courses provided by the company and Chen San Mei Success Team.

All of the above helped me build a huge confidence in the products and career.

I was really healthy 2 years ago. I even loved showing my zero-record health insurance card to people because I never had to use it.

It was so hard for me to believe that a healthy person like me had to suffer from stomachache. When it attacked, not only flatus in the whole stomach, but also sore back.

I felt cold in a minute then hot in the next. Night sweat, queasy. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t sit, everything just went wrong.

It was too painful to put what I had suffered in words.

The doctor diagnosed it as a stomach problem and suggested me to get an injection which could release the pain in one day, or at least in 2 days.

Since then the same problem kept happening to me once in a while. Not until I had been losing weight day by day, from 65kg to 60kg in half a year and under the pressure of my colleagues & family, I finally agreed to get a health examination.

The checkup showed that I had duodenal ulcer, gastritis, gallstone, liver complications and spinal problems.

After 6 months of therapy, I’d been to a lot of doctors. I tried both western medication and Chinese herbal cure, even spent S$2k to S$3k on health food.

My weight still went down to 54kg. I was very weak, lacked strength and looked pale all the time. I was scared, worried and distracted. Fortunately Ms. Zhang introduced this magical negative ions clothing just in time.

I started wearing half a set, then a full set after one week. I’ve been using these products for just 2 months, but I already gained enough weight and got my energy back.

Friends were all amazed by the improvement of my health and asked for the reason.

My brother has also got lots of benefits from me introducing the products to him in time, such as being cold all the time, backflow mucus, asthma and a sore back.

He no longer had to wear a big winter coat to prevent colds all year round, or could net go to work normally when that problem above happened.

Doctors couldn’t heal him, yet using the full set products did improve his health, he don’t need a winter coat, a month after he began wearing the products. He is now a lot more energetic and confident.

He tells everyone he meets how magical the products are and those compliments really do come from the bottom of his heart.

If people know the truth about such an amazing products as this, and find out how easy it is to make a fortune at the same time, I believe no one will reject it.

Why hesitate sharing such a meaningful thing to people since it is so effective and does improve people’s health and finance?

The products not only benefit oneself but also others. This is why I take this remarkable business as a full-time job by Chen San Mei Success Team’s spirit and statement.

Feel inspired or know someone who’s suffering from similar symptoms? Contact us to find out how a change of wardrobe will transform their health, without pills or liver damage.

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