Digestive System Disease – Constipation, High Blood Pressure, Serious Backache, Stiff Neck, Dermatitis & Allergic Rhinitis

Testimonial provided by Yang Ming Li

I couldn’t wash my hair for 16 years because of a serious backache after delivering my baby. I could not even bend down to wash my face.

I had to put my elbow against my sink for support in order to wash it. I even had to sit on a stool to wash my feet.

Having constipation for a long time and high blood pressure I have to pee every two hours at night. I believe all these symptoms are warnings of my impending weakening health.

Even though I worked in a hospital there was nothing I could do for my pain. I would like to thank AGM Su Zhen for giving me the chance to believe in this last October. I chose to believe.

Only by using a waist support I pooped out all of the poop in my intestines over two days and was no longer constipated.

On the fourth day my backache showed obvious improvement, it did not hurt at all. I attended a Business Opportunity Seminar held by Chia-chen Lee Honorary Advisor, from her I found the light in my light.

Therefore I decided to order a full set of products.

After using them for three days my blood pressure has decreased from 186-168 mm/hg and then finally to 145. I do not have to go to the bathroom every two hours at night anymore.

I visited oil massage and acupuncture clinics but they did not help my stiff neck feel better. But after using the neck support for 3 minutes I could move my neck again.

The muscles in my neck softened, I could bend, turn, do everything! What’s more it improved my daughter’s dermatitis and allergic rhinitis. This is so great!

Since then I talk about Teviron every time I meet someone. All of my employer’s problems such as stomach ache, itchy skin all improved very well within one month.

Who dares to say that this business is not a business which can help people?

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