Cardiovascular Disease – Hereditary Hypertension, Stomach Upset, Gastroenteritis, Menopause – Scapulas Pain & Perineum Itch

Testimonial provided by Shu Hui Wu

I am a homemaker, and with my children already grown up, it should be time for me to enjoy an easy life.

However, because of my hereditary hypertension, stomach upset and gastroenteritis caused by chronic medication, I couldn’t even eat any of the sticky rice foods that I really like.

Sometimes I felt that life is so sad. During my menopause, I often had pain in my scapulas, and had itches around my perineum area. So I had to go see doctors twice a month.

My neighbor, Mei Ju, understood my situation, so she invited me to go to a negative ions health suit presentation. I was skeptical after going to the first one, the second one was held in Mei Ju’s house, and I just couldn’t refuse her.

The testimonies I heard there truly moved me. I thought about the three pills that I started to take 10 years ago now increasing to 10. My children, no matter how loving they are, couldn’t do anything to help me with my pain.

When I thought about this, I made a decision, and purchased the basic gears (two sets of undershirt/pants, and bands).

Within 3 short days, I felt the pain in my scapulas lessened. I bought home the blanket and all the products such as the hat, pillowcase, eye mask, and attires within a week.

I continuously put on the health suits day and night. A month later, I felt much better.

My gas situation got better, and the number of times I went to see the doctors was also reduced. I always wear the products even during the summer time.

Its been 15 months now and gradually, I don’t even need to take hypertension medication, and the condition has remain stable.

My family is very happy to see the changes in me, and all my family members wear the health suits now.

Know someone who’s suffering from similar symptoms? Contact us to find out how a change of wardrobe will transform their health, without pills or liver damage.

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