What are Negative Ions


Negative IonsThere are ions in the air as well as in our surrounding environment which includes both positive and negative ions. The splashes of the waterfalls in the forest, the fresh air produced by plant photosynthesis and the irradiation of the sun all produces negative ions. On the contrary, the polluted gas and electromagnetic waves in the metro areas produces positive ions.

Negative ions are important in our daily life. With the deterioration of the ozone layer, air pollution, decreasing forestation and increasing usage of electronic products, the quality of negative ions in the air is being diminished. This resulted in the acidic pH balance in our bodies and increases the probability of contracting chronic illnesses and cancer.

The positive effects of negative ions on the human body:
a) Purify the blood, regulates its pH balance and stimulates circulation.
b) Rejuvenate the cells and stimulate cell metabolism.
c) Enhance the immune system, so you do not fall sick or catch the cold easily.
d) Regulate autonomic nerves. Negative ions help to maintain a healthy level of calcium in the blood serum, which is 4 milligrams of calcium per 100cc of blood serum.

The Teviron clothings can produce negative ions and was thus given 3 honorary high-tech awards:
a) Okochi Award (1959)
b) Onshi Invention Award (1960)
c) Chemistry technological Award (1961)

The prestigious Onshi Invention Award was presented by the late Hirohito Emperor of Japan for its great contribution to human health after World War II.

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