My Teviron Story

When I was first introduced to negative ions clothing I was excited to learn about such a unique healing product and thought that this could be it. An opportunity to start an import/export or distribution business. Negative ions clothings for better health. What luck!

Thinking back this was in January 2012 when I was attending “Mission to Millions” at Singapore Expo, my 2nd course in the quantum leap package. Going through quantum leap, I was conditioned to keep an open mind compared to the usual me who just want to keep to my day job and to do it well in hope of advancing my career.

However when I got to know more about this range of negative ions clothings from Nefful, made from the Teviron fabric, I was disappointed. Why? Mainly because it was a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. I can’t help thinking “Why must it be another MLM?”

Speaking of MLM, I have had many close encounters before. From facial, health, travel to financial products, including the infamous Sunshine Empire. I have never recruited anyone before because I wasn’t convinced of their business model nor their products. After sinking in so much money into MLMs in the past, I have lost all confidence in the MLM model and committed never to join another MLM ever again. In essence, I hate MLM.

Needless to say, I started to dislike the negative ions products too. I was more than skeptical and asked many questions. I did my research and challenged the negative ions health benefits. It took me about a month to test out the negative ions products (which comes with a S$70 membership kit) to really convince myself that it works before I am confident that this is the product I can ask people to evaluate.

So far so good and I am more than excited thinking about the people I could help with these negative ions clothings. To better health the natural way. No pills, just by wearing negative ions clothings. How easy is that.