Negative Ions Clothings for FREE


If you’ve read My Teviron Story, you will know how I feel about multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. If not, I’m just like most of you. MLM = Scam = Pyramid scheme = Cheat = All the bad things.

So, you may ask, why did I throw myself into the fire? Nefful’s business model sold itself. What do I mean? Below are the key points about Nefful that attracted me:

  1. There’s no mandatory recurring membership fees to service
  2. There’s no mandatory sales target to hit aka no stockpile
  3. Once you join the Nefful family, you’re a member for life
  4. The moment you join Nefful, you will enjoy immediate lifetime discount
  5. There’s no demotion, even if there’s no further sales for an extended period of time
  6. Global Linkage. Sales can be achieved globally, not restricted to the country we sign up from
  7. Your AGM position can be inherited by your appointed successor
  8. NETs receive net pool bonus internationally, true passive income

How does the above sound? It was what lead me to join as a member in the first place, to try out the products personally (before I share with my fammily and friends).

The membership sign up came with a comprehensive membership kit complete with sample blanket/bedsheet set valued at more than 3 times the one-time membership fees.

So, how do you enjoy the negative ions clothings for free? Share your experience and reaped benefits with your family and friends. Which is exactly what I did. I love the negative ions clothings so much that I cannot stopped raving about them.

I recommened these Teviron items especially to family and friends in need e.g. eczema, tiredness, high blood pressure, fatty liver, knee problem, body aches, sinus, ladies’ challenges, digestive issues, and the list goes on.

I truely hope that these negative ions clothings will help the people around me. Either to improve their quality of life or to slowly reduce the pills and medication intake. Especially the latter.

We all know how the accumulation of medicine intake could potentially damage our liver over the long run. So if better health can be achieved via a change of wardrobe, why not?

If you’re interested to find out more or have family and friends who can really benefit from these negative ions clothings, don’t hesitate and Contact Us for more information.

Instead of taking pills monthly or even daily for life, why not give Teviron a go? Never try, never know. At the very least, keep your options open and give us a chance to share our joy with you 🙂

There are also folks who choose to simply consume the negative ions products instead of doing the business. But then again, wouldn’t you want to share the joy with people around you?

Contact us to get started now.

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